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New Year Almost Here and More!

December 19th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in Amy Anderssen, Jessica Jaymes, Nikki Benz, Trinity St. Claire, Uncategorized

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Just a quick hello and quick update for all of my amazing members and loyal fans! Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Well I have a ton of friends that are comics and always love going out for a good show. My dear friend and comedian Jay Davis hosts every Monday at The Parlor in Hollywood. So my friends and I hit Hollywood to catch the super line up! Stayed until about 1 AM!

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Received some AMAZING flower arrangements just in time for A Thanksgiving party I was hosting…..Absolutely stunning and breathtaking!!!

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Tapping in to my culinary and domestic skills, I cooked, decorated and prepared for three days for a huge Thanksgiving day feast! I don’t have any family anywhere near Cali. and neither do a lot of my friends. So I decided to have a bash at my casa to give thanks! Had everyone from fellow actors, photographers, videographers,designers, make up artist and porn smut peddlers;) lol

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I am very blessed to have such amazing people in my life! It was a Thanksgiving I will always remember!

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2 days later I showed up to a location in the Hollywood Hills to shoot a music video. Was a complete joke. I will leave the artist nameless. After 6 hours of still just sitting there….I decided enough was enough and walked off. I have been in the game 15 years and have never experienced such an unorganized, unprofessional circus act of sorts and pulled the plug. Best of luck to them;)

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I love my movies…I finally saw the movie “Gone Girl” with Ben Aflick. Amazing movie….twisted and completely fucked. But the ending was a bit disappointing. All in all, great flick!

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I know how much you guys LOVE my POV’s and cock sucking action. So I shot an extremely sexy and very naughty POV EXCLUSIVELY for you special members……..You be the judge if the facial was adequate lol …….

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Had a day off so I took care of a well over due trip to the DMV. A three hour trip……next time I’ll be making an appointment! Then hit the tanning bed and nail salon. Always staying camera ready.

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My friend Jay Davis was celebrating his last night hosting at The State Social house and invited me out. So I attended with my girl Dava Foxx and friend Rue along with a plethora of other amazing friends and comics. The evening was packed!!!! Really went out with a bang!!!!

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Met up with Trinity St. Claire and my boy Rue for some food at ( appropriately titled ) “BJ’s” for some eats Friday night! Stuffed out faces then decided to go ice skating at a rink in Sherman oaks CA. Worked up quite an appetite……then went for pizza across the street! I haven’t been on ice skates in years…..but it was like riding a bike… to catch a clip..check out instagram;)

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Every two months I have to go to the salon and get my major hair treatments done! And just in time for Christmas! Each session takes about 4 hours. It consists of removing all of my individual extensions, highlighting , coloring, Applying new extensions and cutting. Being a woman is really a pain in the ass sometimes…you guys have it so lucky!!!!!

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Next day I was back in the Spizoo studio to shoot some hot scenes with Jessica Ryan. We had never shot together before and she is one hot little slut!!!! We each shot a solo, A girl/ girl and a POV BJ. I played her PE teacher and give her a good pounding with my giant red strap on in a locker room. Then we took some dick dressed up as 1980’s punk sluts in POV!

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The following day I went and shot for Evil Angel and Johnny Darkko’s new line with Winston Burbank. All hardcore POV cock sucking of course!!!! Had an absolute “BLAST” on set!!! You guys have all been asking me to shoot for Darkko…..well you are welCUm in advance!

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Had to shoot the next day so I chilled at my casa with my friend Chuck…we pigged out on popcorn, beer and nachos! Passing out on one of my couches downstairs….lol. Went to Mimi’s cafe the following morning to fuel up before the shoot!

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Shot a nice XXXmas POV for you guys dressed as one of santa’s naughty little helpers!

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I can’t thank you guys enough for the down pouring of amazing gifts from my wish list. I put one up per request I was receiving on social media. And as soon as I did, you guys have generously been sending so many beautiful and thoughtful items!!! So a huge heartfelt thank you, you all know who you are!!!!

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That evening I went to see the movie “Nightcrawler” …….great movie but….3/4 of the way in to it, the projector stopped…..was so weird. The usher came in and said ‘do to technical difficulties…..we can’t show the rest”. We were all issued free passes….but WTF happened at the end….its killing me!!! LOL!!!!

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A couple days ago, I went in for my EIGHTH tattoo removal session for the brass knuckles on my neck and “PISCES” anagram on my wrist. It is an extremely lengthy, abrasive and painful procedure. I chose to start removing them because they were simply poorly done. I have a few more treatment to go. It will leave me with no tattoo, no scarring….you will never even be able to tell they were there…..unless you watch my movies lol;) Long road but almost done!

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Love you guys a ton! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a very happy New Year! I also hope you are enjoying all the new releases! Not only on my site but my entire network!!! I have a team over in Europe as we speak shooting tons of new spank material exclusively for the members here at SPIZOO! We want to bring you top notch quality and variety all the time! And Thank you for being loyal members!!!!


Love you! xoxo-JJ

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P.S. Don’t forget to take a peek at my brand new scene out today “Married to the Mob 2″ with Mick Blue , Brick Danger and Jesse Jones…Brazzers!

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Holiday Cheer!

December 19th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in diary


Have to say on my end I have been insanely busy! But I’m always happy to be busy rather than not. Between all of the holiday parties and preparations, shooting, traveling…not to mention XBIZ, AEE and AVN are right around the corner…..I have been slammed. Pun intended. LOL. I hope to see you guys this year once again as we come together late January at the convention in Vegas. I absolutely LOVE meeting all you loyal friends, fans and members! Wishing you the very happiest of holiday and a very amazing new year! I will be spending Xmas in Cabo San Lucas , Mexico myself……and I can’t wait! A well needed break from the states! Happy holidays all. Hope santa is good to you! Ask yourself…have you been naughty or nice!


PS. Thank you all for the amazing wishlist items from amazon!

BiCoastal Bliss!

November 26th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in Dj Jelo, Helly Mae Hellfire, Jessica Jaymes, Uncategorized


My how the time flies when you are so busy you can’t see straight! lol So let’s get right in to it! Not so long ago I decided to take an Uber to Hollywood to meet up with my friends Helly Hellfire, DJ JELO and DJ Savant. Well south bound on the 101, while I was texting in the back seat…….full on impact rear end collision into the back of a stopped car! On the freeway!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t wearing my seat belt, air bags deployed….and i was thrown around like a fish out of water! I couldn’t hear anything due to the explosion and the ringing in my ears. Car totaled…as well as the two in front of us. I was texting so I have no idea what the driver was thinking or not thinking. Freeway was shut down….and cars had to be pushed by the bumpers of the cop cars off the road!!! I was in shock more than anything …but ok..I guess….and so was everyone else. After taking down everyone’s report, Helly and the boys came to get me as I wasn’t going to let that ruin my entire evening. Jesus. So we ended up going to one of the top restaurants in LA “Angelini Osteria”. Where we wined and dined on some of the finest Italian foods I’ve ever had here in the states.



After din din, I met up with my boys Jay Davis, Rue along with Dava Foxx to see Dane Cook. We all hung out and had some good laughs. I always have fun hanging out with these guys;)


Had to get ready to head back to NYC so I got all my errands done( at least what I could ) , tanned and nails….


And of coarse squeezed in a bit of sushi at this incredible new spot Helly introduced me to in woodland Hills!


Next day It was back to the East Coast baby! flight was a little late so I squeezed in some late breakfast before the jet set!


When I arrived, I met up with my long time friend Joey Fatone tab “Quality Meats”we both just happened to be in town…..we had some amazing food and got all caught up on years of missed convo. Then called it a night. We were both late due to insane NYC cab traffic! Next day I met up with my friend Amir! Hadn’t seen him in ages….we ate and had drinks at this restaurant called “RARE” was turning out to be such a fun trip! I love my East Coast buddies!



What I even love more…is when I meet up with my West Coast buddies on the East Coast….Joanna Angel and her boy Aaron were also visiting her sister. So the following evening I jumped in a cab to meet up with her, her family and my friend Nick( Dr. Toscano). We all had the most amazing Chinese food I literally have ever eaten…..and I’m not joking. The place was called Peking Duck House off Mott St. They came and sliced a whole duck right there at the table…..heaven…..can’t wait to go back! After dinner we all went over to a club called “Manatoba’s”… about one I called it a night!


Following day, I met up with my friend Jim in Central Park….and grabbed some pizza at “Artichoke Basilles Pizza” off 44th. It was seriously delicious!!!! If you can’t tell by now……besides the obvious, I LOVE EATING!!!!! One of my absolute favorite things to do…



Next evening- Dr. Nick and I went to eat at NOBU and ordered almost one of everything…….took an amazing ride all snuggled up in blankets though Central Park then went to play pool! Extremely pleasant and oh so fun evening!


In the morning I had a surprise at my hotel room door! It was a giant assortment of the most delicious mini cupcakes I have ever tasted. Literally…of flavors I have never even heard of. Was by ” Baked By Melissa”. I dove into them, tasting every single one throughout the remainder of my trip. 2 die 4!!!!! I also received this STUNNING collectors edition Monogram Louis Vuitton: collaborating with Christian Louboutin, Karl Lagerfeld, Rei Kawakubo, Cindy Sherman,  Marc Newson and Frank Gehry. In honor of LV’s 160th anniversary. Truly a piece of art!!! BRAVO!!!!


That evening I went out with Nick to “Queen of the Night”! It was dangerously delightful!!! I had an EPIC evening!!!! one for the record books! To check it out.. Its a must see when visiting NYC…. ADULTS ONLY!



After an amazing trip to the Big Apple and had to catch a plane to Phoenix , Az to shot for a company called Nubiles. Which I was more than excited about. Not only because they are a fun company to work for, but also because AZ is my old home town. I lived there from age 9-21. Very nostalgic just flying in to Sky Harbor. I shot my scene with Willow Hayes( brand new talent…very young) and Sean Preston. You guys may have seen us together in Naughty America. It was an extremely high end production day. And the cast and crew were such a pleasure to work with. I can’t wait for you guys to see this one……something I never played before!


After I wrapped, I called up my ex to see if he would want to catch up for a bite and reminisce. He, to this day, I consider a dear family member of mine;) We never miss a birthday or a holiday. So I extended my flight until the following day. He picked me up from set and we hung out with quite a few people I haven’t seen in about 14 years. I also got to see my ten year old dog Lucy which I gave to him after signing my contract with Hustler back in 04′ because of my rigorous shooting and traveling schedule.  I remain friends with all my exes. Pretty much consider most family. Accept for one!!! Blah! ;)Returning home….I was cooked. And I had a flight delay of 2 hours. As soon as I landed…..I crawled into the back of my drivers seat and set …”Take me the EFF home, lol”….”I need MY BED”!  I walked in my front door……couldn’t even make it to the shower….dragged my ass upstairs and PASSED OUT!



I had one day of rest……I mean errands…then it was back in my own studio to shoot. Dava Foxx was supposed to join non for the sexy fun , but she fell incredibly ill with the flu. I couldn’t necessarily cancel a whole team, crew and talent so I went and rocked out 3 scenes. One of which was with Mikey Flowers who came twice on my face…took quite a bit of facials that day for you guys!!!


Since its the holidays, I personally wanted to wish you all a very special one! You loyal members are the reason I spend so much time with the entire network of Spizoo, Interacting with my diaries and blogs and shooting so much;) I want to give a huge heart felt thank you to all of the amazing holiday wishlist items that continue to show up daily! You all know who you are!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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No Rest For The Wicked!

November 4th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in Anthony Rosano, Britney Amber, Helly Mae Hellfire, Jessica Jaymes, Mick Blue, Ryan Mclane, Uncategorized


Hello guys! first off I want to say how appreciative I am to all of my loyal members, fans and friends that have been so kind, supportive and loyal to me through out all these years. I truly have the best fan base a woman could ask for. And that is why I put so much pleasurable work into my passion for all of the world to enjoy. I am actually very humbled and extremely grateful to be helpful and responsible in providing one of the most pleasurable feelings in the world. The orgasm……And that extra bonus of meeting you all in person with a hug and a smile fills my heart with joy…even if the moments are brief…it’s an affirmation. Also the fans via email, fan mail,social networking……So thank you! You are all appreciated-and my driving force. Now with all that being said…….it’s blog time baby;) Where shall I start today?
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As usual I’m always on the go in one way or another. 2 weeks ago an amazing fan was so kind to send me a plethora of bouquets of some of the most exotic flower arrangements I have ever seen! As well as fruit basket and chocolate covered yummies from edible arrangements! So a huge thank you!!!!
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In preparation for many upcoming shoots, us as talents are tested every 14 days via urine and blood to make sure we are all able to continue to practice safe sex. Most of the public isn’t aware of the necessary actions and precautions we take as performers to be able to do what we do…like trained athletes. A simple sex scene and photo set to you can take anywhere from 5 hours to days….I could go on and on-but I prefer to keep the fantasy of my craft. As i was saying, I had an entire day to prepare for 9 scenes. So I got all tested over at Talent Testing Service. I tanned my smooth skin then headed to the nail salon to get everything on point. Since HD came along…we have to look as flawless as possible;)
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The following day I shot a solo masturbation scene-rocking a new blue Agent Provocateur set! then it was time to get naughty for a GG with my girl Nikki Benz. We devoured each other body all over a gorgeous bedroom set…..after makeup touch ups, it was on to the locker room set where we both got fucked so hard from Evan Stone. He played a famous wrestler And we played two of his biggest fans….Nikki and I walked away with our freshly fucked sore pussies that day. Evans cock is ginormous!;)
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With Halloween quickly approaching, I called up my girl Helly Hellfire to go to Halloween Horror Nights over at Universal City Walk. I go every year. We bought VIP front of the line passes, which is a must because it is a cluster fuck with some lines taking a two hour wait. After that we grabbed some drinks at the infamous Saddle Ranch and headed home….back to her place for some fun:)
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I hadn’t seen Trinity St. Claire in a a long time. Due to our conflicting schedules. So later the following afternoon, we met up for some mexican eats and margaritas at “El Pedron”. And got all caught up on life. Then had some fun cruising down the coast in her convertible. You can catch our little joyride on my IG. Showing off our singing skills lol
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While in NY I got all my shopping done for AEE and AVN convention this coming January in vegas(Adult Entertainment Expo and Adult Video News Awards show. Not showing my red carpet gown just yet….but you all know I like to rock my Herve Lleger…..always hooking it up. But I did receive my Miu Miu bejeweled Ankle Strapped Sandal Pumps from Barney’s NY. And the Alexanver McQueen clutch posted in my previous blog. Had to wait on the shoes, then out the door to maintain that tan….did some other random errands . And finally went to see “FURY”. It was amazing……great cast, beautiful cinematography …..well done Brad Pitt!
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I get facials and microdermabrasions once a month. So I took a trip to my favorite media spa “Blue Spa” for just that. It rids your face of all dead skin cells and replenishes, hydrates, rejuvinates and boosts collagen. again you can see instagram for a short video clip of the process. After that I met up with my friend Angelo whom I haven’t seen in a very long time for some Vegan eats at this very cool restaurant. The foods there are label as adjectives. So when ordering , you have to sat “I AM” before the item you are choosing. Apparently i was “Thriving”( Squash soup” and “Magical”( vegan burger). Now I’m a HUGE lover of all food, especially meat. No surprise there ……lol. However I am down to eat Vegan if my friends are;)
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As you know, I am very close with my friend Jay Davis the comedian. He hosts quite a few events through out the week at various venues in Hollywood. Wednesday nights he does the State Social House. I went with my friend Rue and Dava Foxx for a night of laughs……
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Our industry was recently on a shut down for a small increment of time. Thus postponing quite a few of my shoots. So went back to get tested again, since my 14 day expired. Then it was back to the nail salon……and went to see “John Wick”. It was pretty good. Keanu kicked a lot of ass….and not much dialogue…lol(wonder why)……JK!!! It was entertaining;)
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Then the next day I was up at 4:45 AM on a flight to Las Vegas….immediately after landing I was rushed to the studio and in to hair and make up I went. Studying the script when my hair was getting worked on. Had to shoot two scenes at an undisclosed location. As soon as my Mick Blue showed up, we were headed out. Stopping at a & Eleven to load up on vitamin water and muscle milk. Ot was going to be a VERY long strenuous but very sexy day.
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When we arrived, it was my friend and fellow performer house. Mr. Marcus London….very pleasant surprise;) I got in to my first out fit for the day and started to shoot all the “pretty girls”(solo set of pics)…..then shot all of the intros and dialoque with Mick Blue. I played a rich mob wife…. Mick my husband surprises me by buying me a mansion, tons jewels and fur coats….was very Sharon Stone from “Casino”. After all that…we went in to all the sex stills(photography).Then it was back in to touch ups to shoot extremely erotic scene on a bed covered in furs and jewels after modeling all the expensive garments he purchased for me. Im not going to lie. You guys do not want to miss this steamy and very erotic scene.
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After the scene wrapped it was time to shoot the intros for the second part of the mini feature. So back in to make up i went where I studied the second half of the script. Long story short, Mick gets popped by the FBI and is forced to watch me get fucked by the head FBI agent (Brick Danger) while the other agents (jesse jones and another extra) have him handcuffed to a chair……I am cuffed (willingly) and and take a deep drilling….while my husband looks on with disgust and can’t do anything about it! How devious! I love it!
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Needless to say, I was…and this is an understatement……wiped the fuck out. So I went to my hotel..took a long hot bubble bath and went downstairs to order up some food;) Then back upstairs to crash the hell out!!!
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Was up the following morning at 7 AM to shoot for Naughty America. I stopped for some juice and well needed caffein. Then got to set and went right in to the make up chair. I started out with my solo “pretty girls”….then Ryan Mcclane came in so we could shoot our sex stills.
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This particular day I was playing a rich bitch that just found out from Ryan, my attorney that for some reason, my assets had all been frozen. Well with no money to pay for his services as my attorney…..he cums up with his own creepy but oh so sexy method of payment he is willing to accept!…….cue porn music!lol Johnny Castle decided to jump in and do this nice photo bomb while we were running lines. I didn’t even see it coming….I look pissed because that’s my character…lol
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It turns out that newbie Cassidy Banks and Cassidy Klien( whom we just shot in a feature for Spizoo) were on set that day……so we chatted a bit…then off to the airport to get back to LA LA land!
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After chilling out the next day I did some web work and went out with my peeps for some more laughs at The State Social House….They had an amazing line up ! Was also a nice bonus running in to my friends Craven Moorehead and Kerry King from “Slayer ” and “Mega Death” lol;)
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As you know, my last trip to NYC, I did some fun mainstream shoot. One of which I did with world renown and NYC’s dentist to the stars Dr. Nicholas Toscano. And his amazing graphic designer put some extra attention into these pics for your Halloween social media enjoyment……Sexy meets The Walking Dead!
a1 a2
a33 a4

For Halloween I had my make up artist Becca come over to my house and glam me up! I went as a sexy beer maiden……same as last year. I had no time what so ever to shop this year to shop for a costume. Not to mention last year no one saw it…as to I didn’t do much;) I went over to Helly’s and ended up starting our evening at club “El Rey” where our friend DJ JELO was…well DJing lol. It was wicked VIP fun! We didn’t get in until about 3 AM….
1 2 3 4 5 6

Yesterday I did a huge day of shooting at SPIZOO. And boy are my muscles and sweet pussy paying for it…knocking out four killer scenes EXCLUSIVELY for you guys. Did a sexy solo, a GG with Helly Hellfire….I’m a rich house wife and she plays my naughty maid…..doing WHATEVER I want! Third scene Helly and I are teo girls in a locker room, just chatting away when one of the gym’s perverts infiltrates the ladies locker room….we decide to suck his big fat cock in POV instead of going home to our boyfriends. Lastly, We play two huge party sluts that completely trash Anthony Rosanos apartment then pass out. We wake up a not so happy Anthony……and we certainly aren’t willing to clean up the disastrous mess. And being the two hot little sluts we are… can only imagine what we do to poor Anthony to get out of cleaning up……well you don’t have to imagine. Just come on in and find out……We were pretty exhausted after a lomg but killer day so we went for some sushi and got some grocery shopping done!

Now for those of you non members….here’s a taste of the latest hot new releases with Brittney Amber…..she is so fucking hot that we just can’r get enough of each other. And it seems like you guys can’t get enough either. And check out a sexy bonus solo set of me being the dominant boss bitch I am;)wink wink;);)
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I hope you are absolutely loving all my new releases as well as your full access to all new daily content in the entire SPIZOO network. And I haven’t even told you yet. But my new website has been under construction and is almost complete. It’s going to have you squirting your creamy loads all over the fucking place!

See you on tomorrows camshow! xoxo-JJ

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Halloween Horror!

November 4th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in diary


For Halloween I had my make up artist Becca come over to my house and glam me up! I went as a sexy beer maiden……same as last year. I had no time what so ever to shop this year to shop for a costume. Not to mention last year no one saw it…as to I didn’t do much;) I went over to Helly’s and ended up starting our evening at club “El Rey” where our friend DJ JELO was…well DJing lol. It was wicked VIP fun! We didn’t get in until about 3 AM….

This and That!

October 13th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in Helly Mae Hellfire, Jessica Jaymes, Nikki Benz, Uncategorized

m1 m2 m3

I want to start out by saying I hope you are loving all the new high end releases lately from yours truly! When I found out Madison Scott was back in the industry, I immediately jumped on that hot band wagon. We hadn’t shot together since about 09′ and couldn’t wait to get my warm tongue all up in that sweet pussy of hers again! And so I did! For those of you that have already enjoyed the scene, you can see our on screen chemistry is undeniable. We fucking went to town in the glory hole…..I love her new fake titties all in my mouth!
j1 j2 j3

I also recently got my paws and claws all over Jacky Joy right before her exit of the industry. What a sexy, sultry ,tattooed little slut she was. I played a sexy “Lip-Stick” lesbian on the prowl. Looking sexy at fuck in a tight mini dress with platform pumps. Took a little trip over to “The stripper experience”…which she just happened to be performing at! She was happy to give me everything I wanted and more in the private champagne room!
s1 s2 s3

My last trip home from NYC had me needing some major spa TLC. So I booked a few treatments at the Beverly hills Hotel off Rodeo Drive fore a tune up! Started with a nice microdermabrasion and hydrating facial. Then Got a full body massage, accompanied with a full body Vitamin C scrub treatment. I was like jello when everything was over. Sitting on planes, shooting, traveling, working so much really takes a toll…..
z1 z2 z3

As you know, most television sitcoms are filmed here in LA. All the studios are located here(most). I got together with a group of friends to visit the taping of a remake of an old show called..”The Odd Couple”. Was shot on the CBS lot in studio City in lot C. The remake stars Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon, Yvette Nicole Brown, Lindsay Sloane and Wendell Pierce. It took 6 hours to film an entire episode. Very unusual experience…but an experience none the less…and I look forward to the show being a total hit!!! There were no cameras or phones of any kind allowed …but I did however sneak a shot in in front of the studio where they shoot “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”;) you know me;)
t1 t2 t3

Had a killer girls day meeting up with Sarah Jessie to do lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and cram a little lingerie shoot shopping. Then met up with Helly Hellfire for some sushi down the street from my house after her shoot with Hustler. Love those two amazing women!
u1 u2 u3

Went out for dinner to Ruth’s Chris Steak house with a hot date…who am I to turn down a nice dinner on a Friday night;) Had good laughs and a lot of fun. Sadly I did not get any that night;);)
q1 q2 q3 q4 q5 q6

I was supposed to be on set for a two day shoot fro “Wicked” then fell very ill for a couple days…resulting in an amazing down pour of stunning, exquisite, rare and extremely wonderful plethora of flowers, gifts, plants and edible arrangements. If every girl could be so lucky for so many people with such generous hearts. Thank you!!!
c1 c2 c3

After feeling better I decided to say hello to all of you on a well over due camshow! Which is always free for my members;) I have to say, it was so nice seeing all you sexy mutha fucka’s again!!!! I missssssssed youuuu!!!!! I just love watching you all jerk off while I’m getting myself off at the same time making my big clit throb!!!! Whew! Such a turn on. I came twice! Those of you that missed it. It will be going up in the archives soon. Later that evening…I played it mellow. Taking myself to see the “Boxtrolls”…..I love a good animation, but wasn’t too impressed with this one! b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6

A few friends of mine and I decided to get together for a small BBQ down the street from my house. Just so happens that My friend was house sitting Kelly and Sharon Osbourne’s dog. simplu could not resist the photo ops with two of their Pomeranians “Sid” and “Story”…I also could not resist the amaing photo po with this hige slab of porn right off the grill! I really have to get my head out of the gutter!!!

y1 y2 y3

Went out for dinner to Mastro’s Steak house with my long time friend Paul…whom I hadn’t seen in at least for years! Stuffed my face with the filet, stuffed mushrooms, Caesar salad and vanilla ice cream;) Was such a pleasure catching up!

m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6

This seems to be the month of reconnecting with people because last week a good friend of mike blew through town and wanted to totally do the whole Venice Beach thing! I’m always down for beach time seeing as it’s already starting to cool off and have to get that in while I can. We went and had a killer dinner at “The Charthouse” in Marina Del Rey…went to go get some massages, walked the strip, and even went swimming in the ocean. Catching those natural rays of sun!!! Rented a fun little Audi R8 to tool around in!

d1 d2 d3

The next day I was back to NY. So jumped on Virgin America and East Coast bound I went! I had to do two promo shoots for some upcoming projects…I checked into the London hotel then went to go grab a bite at “Bobby Vans”. It was pouring rain outside….nothing was keeping from stuffing my stomach there;)

x1 x2 x3 x4 x6 x7

New York of coarse was beautiful…starting off each day with my absolute favorite bagels and lox, massage and shower!
h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 h7 h8 h9

At night I did plenty of things that I’ve done before and plenty of things that have always wanted to do and have never done!!! Every single experience was one for the books! Ate at my favorite place TAO, saw the Broadway musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, attended an extremely bizarre and eclectic burlesque show called “See No More”….went to the Minus five ice bar”…where all drinks were served in frozen ice glasses and you had to wear issued ear muffs and fur coats…..what a time. Please google these events…I could go on and on about them!
e1 e2 e3 e4 e6 hhhhh

The days I spent shooting and shopping. Working together doing some promotional and fun stuff with one of NYC’s most beloved dentist! And Just in time for Halloween!
r1 r2 r3

And no trip to NY is complete with out doing just a little damage on fifth ave! Grabbing some gowns at Herve Leger, MIU MIU bejeweled ankle-strapped sandals, a beautiful bracelet from Henry Designs and this wicked Alexander McQueen Studded KnuckleBox Clutch…..Which could seriously double as a weapon if anyone decided to come at me!lol

Well guys-it was sure a nice break and now it’s time to get back to the grind! I will be shooting a ton of new content this week over at Spizoo. Since Halloween is right around the corner I wanted to make sure to get some sexy content in with my girls Nikki Benz and Helly Hellfire…and of coarse lots of dick!!!Then I’ll be on set with Bang Bros. for a well over due scene……..Then it’s off to Las Vegas to shoot with Brazzers and Naughty America.

Love you guys so much! Enjoy all the old , current and new scenes to CUM!!!!!

xoxo JJ

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Holidays Already?

October 13th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in diary


Hello members! Where the hell did this past year go? It’s holiday season already? And speaking of Hell…my favorite holiday of the entire year is almost here…Halloween! And would believe I don’t even have a costume yet!!! So if you have any suggestion, that would rock! So excited to have all of the old and welcome all of the new members of the Spizoo Network! Growing bigger and better everyday! Love ou guys!

Living Life and Loving It!

September 20th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in Jessica Jaymes, Uncategorized

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Hi ladies and gentlemen! How are my most favorite fans in the world! Hope you are simply enjoying the top notch spank material myself and SPIZOO are giving you!!!! So I just wanted to let you know whats; going on in JJ land! always keeping you up to par and staying fan friendly.


As you know I like my Agent Provocateur, and seriously ….i took inventory the other day and just about sick! In a good way! so of coarse after being persuaded by my girls down there to check out the new fall line …..i went a weeeee bit crazy!!!! Especially Alanah and Lily B…thx  alot bitched!! LOL!


Then it was that time again to get some fine tuning on the ol’ body maintenance. So I went to see my girl Ashley at the “Parlor” salon in Redondo Beach for some beautiful new locks;) Then headed back to the valley for some nail TLC!


Headed to lunch with my dear friend and fellow pornstar Helly Hellfire at the cheesecake factory;) we indulged  in a little chicken Marsala and wine! After lunch i headed over to Spizoo studios to check on all of the new flats and sets going up!  Team was hard away at work;) Painting, building and switching out furniture! Go team Go!


Then it was off to NYC for an entire week…almost missed my flight do to insane traffic…405 is no joke…


visiting Jesse Jane,  Sarah Jessie ,Joanna Angel and friends. Joanna was feature dancing at the Saphyyre! We had a blast watching sexy Joanna shake her sexy ass on the main stage!  I even got a little tail befor heading out for the night! I knew all the women were going to make me super horny!


The next day I wet up with Jesse and friends for dinner and drinks! We had a blast and absolutely  love that NY skyline!


The following morning we all met up again for some Asian Fusion chine…ate outside in the rain…so beautiful!


Sarah Jessie and I decided to have a day of fun just vegging out…


then stepping to an all vegan place across the street at the Affinia off LEX!


Then I revieved from a secret admirer a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers and roses… breath taking!


Got my teeth cleaned and bleached by NYC’s finest dentist. Dr. Toscano…hime and his staff went way beyond the call of duty with their service.


Making my slutty little moth squeaky clean!LOL! Even had a little fun after with some locals!


Before I knew it, it was time to head home! What a blast of a trip with killer friends! Love my ladies! So thank you NYC for a kick ass time and to all my girls!


And here’s a little treat to leave you with….this week’s fucking sexy release in the   club with my sexy client Ryan!!!

Love you all and se you back on cams soon! xoxo-JJ

Welcome Fall!

September 20th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in diary


Hi guys! I just wanted to touch base I my diary because it’s been so long! I can’t believe the sue has finally come to an end! And I have to say that this has been one of the most fun flled summers to date! With a few bumps along the way! So extremely blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends, and picking up many new ones along the way!!! I all enjoyed yours as well and I plan on being back on cams very soon! I’ve shaking my big clit ad tight slit for you all! Enjoy all the new sexy and high quality porn smut that I and my very hard working team have been putting out! All my sexy and horny love!!!! Love you guys!

End of Summer Fun!

September 5th, 2014 by Jessica Jaymes in Amy Anderssen, Annie Cruz, Jessica Jaymes, Joanna Angel, Kaylani Lei, Sarah Jessie, Uncategorized

jessica blog immmm car

Been one busy girl this summer… It’s been really good one and can’t believe we are already back to fall!

f1 f2 f3

Was in the Spizoo studio shooting some really amazing stuff testing out a veteran, but new to Spizoo photographer Floyde! Shot a sexy scene in the champagne room of a strip club with Ryan Mclane … Then I shot a really steamy GG scene with Britney Amber. We hadn’t shot together in quite a while and were eager to get our hands all over each other again!!!! After that sexy session, Ryan and I were ready for our round two. We shot a very sensual and sexy blowjob scene….. Where he cums….. Come inside and see!

h1 h2 h3

After we wrapped, Ryan and I went to grab a bite of sushi down the street from the studio- he wasn’t much of a sushi buff , sticking to the fried calamari. But stuck it out for me;) what a trooper!

e1 e2 e3

As you know, I just recently did a big fashion shoot for Eleon Clothing. We shot three different looks! Well two of the looks already came out! To pick up these fabulous T-shirts, you can go to .

1 2 3

Had a nice day at Blue Spa for my monthly microdermabrasion. Got the hook up from my girlfriend Stacy- always leaving my skin refreshed and silky smooth. Always maintaining these sexy red nails – I visited “Kala” nails for a quick fill and polish change since I was headed out for girls night.

4 5 6

Met up with my ladies Rilynne Rae and Annie Cruz at the Parlor in Hollywood to crab a bite to eat. My amazing friend Jay Davis was hosting comedy night upstairs in ” The Attic”!

1 2 3

The following afternoon I headed to DTLA to Annie Cruz’s condo to lay out poolside and catch some natural rays! Kaylani Lei came over to join us for a dip in the pool and some good eats!

1 2 3

Next evening I picked up my girl Amy Anderssen and ate at the Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks. Then we saw a movie at the ArcLight Cinemas called “let’s Be Cops”…,it was just ok!

1 2 3

Following day I popped over to Spizoo to say hello to my girl Janine Lindenmulder. She was shooting some really hot stuff for you guys only! After the day was wrapped. We decided to donate and take on the ALS ice bucket challenge. Having gallons of ice water dumped simultaneously on each of us! I challenged Joanna Angel next via Instagram…, who was gladly up for the challenge . Completing hers and donating $100! Now for those of you that don’t know what ALS is and simply dumping ice water on your head to fit in with the trendy, it is: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed……. To date $108.4 million dollars have been donated in the ALS ice bucket challenge alone.

1 2 3

Later that evening I went over to Amy Anderssen’s apartment for some movies and sushi! We ordered a little bit of just about everything from a spot I’ve been going to since 2002 called ” Sushi Dan’s” off Ventura blvd in Studio City. We also dabbled in a bit of wine!

1 2 3 4 5 6

Bright and early the next day I met up with Annie Cruz and her friend to eat and go whale watching in Long Beach! So amazing….. We also went aboard the Queen Mary, we had mimosas, bought souvenirs, road a boat, saw dolphins and whales,ate ring pops, ate massive quantities of sea food, got up close with sea life, and just plain had a kick ass day! I can’t wait to do it again!!!!!

1 2 3

Before I knew it, it was time for another body maintainable day! Popped over to the tanning bed, weekly nail and feet TLC, shopped then ate a huge lunch!

1 2 3

I bought a bunch of new sexy lingerie items over at Victoria’s Secret. I saw a piece on Sarah Jessie and had to check it out! They have REALLY stepped up there game! I could not believe picking out quite a few pieces resembling Agent Provocateur?? Shocked!!! also, you all know I have a weakness for sunglass…my GAWD! So I picked up two new pair of Tom Ford’s to sport while driving and traveling around and traveling!

1 2 3

Got together with my girl Sarah Jessie in Hollywood and caught some rays!

1 2 3 4 5 6

Then wouldn’t you know……another excuse for more fun in the sun!!! Labor Day weekend! Sunday Funday I went with Joanna Angel and the crew to DTLA for a kiddie pool party! It was packed with pornstars, pools, food, drinks , DJ!!!!! It was my first time attending a pornstar kiddie pool party!!!!! Too much fun!!!

1 2 3

Labor Day I went over to a photographer friend of mine’s huge house in the valley with Joanna Angel and Bonnie Rotten for a Mexican fiesta! I don’t think I have ever consumed so much beer than in those two days! We did a huge BBQ and floated around in the pool!

4 5 6

As always I hope you are all enjoying all of my latest releases….. Including your access to the day released on the entire network!!!! Spizoo rocks!


This summer has been spectacular! Definitely one for my records! So very blessed to have spent it with so many friends doing so many incredibly things! Now it’s time to get back to serious business and of coarse, very devious pleasure. Getting ready to head back east with my girl Sarah Jessie- so NYC here we come. I’ll be out having my last hoorahhhhh the 8-14!!! So watch out big apple, we are coming for ya! And huge things happening over at the Spizoo network! Including going to be shooting some feature films for you all to wank off to!

Love you all like crazy! Happy September!!!! Xoxo JJ

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