Back to grind baby!

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Well hello peeps! I have had such an amazing week. As you know I took a bit of a breather because I had some friend in town from Italy. And we had some good old fashion tourist fun. The first day they were here I took them over to Universal Studios;) we also stopped to eat at the world famous “Hardrock Café” there. They have never had American cuisine before so they loved it. Later that night I took them all to sushi…that blew their mind! It was total over load…chop sticks, wasabi,soy sauce,raw fish!! They couldn’t operate the chopsticks, so it was forks all around.LOL:;)






The second day I took them to Venice Beach to eat and hit the beach. Well it was a bit overcast so we froze our asses off.  As soon as I stepped on to the beach, it turns out one of my friends was shooting a main stream skate boarding movie there. About 200 extras-it was pretty random;)Well we stayed on the beach for just a minute before heading back to the boardwalk to eat and do some shopping. This time  I had them trying nachos, fish tacos, club sandwiches, french fries, cold slaw, sushi..a bit of everything;) They LOVED it. Then we shot over to walk the 5th street promenade in Santa Monica. I had to leave early to get back to a meeting in the valley. Right when I was leaving I noticed this little “Punk Pooch” died pink, ADORABLE!






On day 3, I took them on a drive down Rodeo drive, then to eat at this amazing steak house called “Mastros”. We all ordered 33 oz. steaks, macaroni, stuffed mushrooms,ahi tuna and lobster mashed potatoes. They wanted to try an American drink so I ordered everyone a dirty martini which got them a bit tipsy to say the least! Mastros is the bomb!!






This past Tuesday , I went to see my girl Kayla Paige perform at the Cat Lounge in Hollywood! I even jumped on stage with her;) She performed one she wrote and a bunch of covers. Ran into my paparazzi buddy Rick Garcia and he took some great photos;)







So today I’m jumping into make up and getting ready to shoot  the intro for my new trailers for my brand new site. My team and I have been working on it for over four months and it’s going to blow your minds!!! I’m always working as hard as I can to give you guys pleasure and a break from life;) Hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend and see you on the cams soon;) Next week I’ll be shooting with Chris Strokes, Austin Taylor,Bruce Ventura, Darryl Hanah, Jack Fountain, Brooke Banner, Shay Fox, Sea J. Raw, London Keyes and Amber Ashley…all for you…so I have a huge plate!! Hope you are enjoying this weeks POV release “Filthy Jessica”!






Love you guys!


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  1. the pov scene is freaking hot… is there any chance we will see you swallow? plsssssssssss

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