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November 24th 2011 Interview: “Before you were in aAdult”


I’m hoping to have the article up for today but I just wanted to double check a few things. I looked up the NMMI and this seems like a very intense and prestigious school! Any little tidbits you can share about your time there? Also, how long you attended that school.

It is a very prestigious school..i had to do many interviews and tests to get accepted…i was ,to say the least a hell child, always running away, jail..the works. But always managed to blow straight a’s in school ..after being sent to a christian acadamy and that didn’t work my parents said you are and will go to military school. they simply couldnt handle me any more…lol. It was insane..i was in JROTC, up for drill waking up to revely at 4:30 am every morning….we had about four different uniforms ranging from bdu’s to b with brass….having inspections every day..bed corners folded at a 45 degree angle..under wear folded in one inch by one inch squares…complete insanity..never really liked authority, always fighting the status qho, a free spirit….so i was always in trouble there too. Well the  punishments there were demerits and marching tours…tours consist of wearing your battle fatigues , holding your weapon(rifle) at a 90 degree angle and each tour was an hour, doing about 13 a weeked.And you walk in large circles squaring all your corners..i held the record for the most tours marched..i think about 300?…ok and when it came time to eat in the mess could only take 3 second glances to eat your food without moving you head..three second chews and swallows and repeat…when done eating you have to request to the highest ranking person at the table to be relieved by saying “excuse me sir, cadet recruit jaymes, J. requests permission to take my tray glass and utensils to the rack of culinary attrosity for a more expedient exit from this fin dining establisment’…and to eat you have to say”excuse me sir, cadet recruit jaymes ,j  requests permission to use my hands and utensils in the preparation, transportation,mutilation and consumption of my food and drink” I was taking 7 classes including spanish,jrotc, swimming, weight training,science,english, math, literary studies, gosh it’s been so long and there are so many stories..i used to AWOL to juarez mexico and get into serious trouble. The ratio of men to women there was about 20 to one. The first year you attend you are considered a “RAT” recruit at training….so we were basically treated like shit…zoom broomed, saber swatted,,push ups ,yelling , marching…i could keep going but hope thats enough….my life has been a wild ride but wouldn’t change a thing;)










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